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Cast & Forged Metal

Eddy current cast and forged metal. No paint removal. No re-coating.

Cast & Forged Metal
Rig Design

The Challenge

We were commissioned to complete an NDT inspection on cast and forged metal rig equipment without first removing protective coatings or protective paints.

Traditionally, items such as drill handling tools or derrick load path equipment would need to be taken out of service and have their protective coatings removed before magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

Removing the protective coating requires the surface to be chipped off, usually by needle gunning. This is a time-consuming process and the tools must be used properly to avoid injury.

After this, the tool must be sprayed with white contrast paint and black magnetic ink. A magnet draws the black magnetic paint into any defect or cracks.

Once complete the equipment must be cleaned before recoating with paint. The whole process is time and cost consuming and carries potential human risk. Furthermore, removing the original coating can reduce the tool’s protection.

The Solution

Using our specially designed eddy current system with a unique probe enabled full inspection of the cast and forged metal items without the need to remove protective paints. No paint chipping was required, ensuring no risk of injury during the preparation process.

The equipment did not have to be removed from service and be stripped down before inspection, resulting in less rig downtime. Using our system meant the load path equipment was inspected in just nine hours, compared to the four days required to strip it down and inspect it by MPI.

The Result

Westerton Access carried out the inspection of this critical drilling and derrick equipment without removing it from service, without any paint or protective coatings being removed and without the risk of injury during chipping and preparation.

The derrick load path equipment was inspected in a much shorter timeframe compared to traditional methods. This reduced rig downtime and resulting in less cost and disruption to our client’s operations.

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